Odor Removal Service

When it comes to bad odors in Orlando or Kissimmee and surrounding areas, The Doctor is in! First impressions are your lasting impression and you don’t want it to be a bad one. Nobody wants to live with bad odors and that’s a fact! That’s where we come in. We can have you odor free in no time!

Whether you own a home, run a business, sell homes or just want that bad odor gone you can count on us to make sure that smell is gone completely and permanently! Call us today for a free estimate – the Doctor will make sure we cure your odors today.

Wondering what odors the Doctor can eliminate from your home our business? Here are the odors we have dealt with throughout our journey to odor free life:

• Smoke (All forms INCLUDING Cigarette, cigar and fire damage)
• Pet urine
• Mold and Mildew
• Musty
• Cooking odors (burnt meat, and curry)
• Urine and Feces (animal or human)
• Biohazard (animal or human)
• Skunk and other stinkers
• Stinky teenager smell (we have all had one, been one, or known one)
• Narcotic odors (Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish & many others)
• Gas, oil & other petroleum odors
• New paint and carpet odor
• Rotten food

*We do not guarantee odor removal if recommended suggestions upon inspection are not adhered to there are mitigating circumstances where odor cause is not reachable or there is a reintroduction of the odor after treatment.









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